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Web Analytics

Web Analytics

We provide robust measurement strategies and scalable technical implementation of Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager.

An analytics and web measurement engagement with us begins with a stakeholder interview where we will understand all your business and tracking needs. A full website and analytics implementation audit will follow. The aim is to identify tracking and visibility gaps, feature adoption and maximization of tools along with internal processes.

Once this is done, we provide recommendations in 3 different flavors:

  1. Measurement strategy. The objective of these recommendations is to improve your overall visibility that will enable you to make more data-driven decisions. This will typically include:
    • Clearly defined macro and micro goals
    • Conversion and user-journey mapping
    • Variables, tags, triggers, events, goals and dimension naming convention and standardization
    • Data bible containing the whole analytics architecture
  2. Technical implementation. These recommendations allow you to efficiently setup your Google Analytics tracking while following best practices followed by industry veterans.
    • Best practice implementation guide and practices to be done and shared by the team
  3. Process improvement. These set of guidelines will enable you to use your data well and automate the democratization of information within your organization. This will normally include:
    • Automation of standard reports
    • Governance of Analytics and Tag Manager (RACI Models)
    • General training on how to use and understand Google Analytics reports

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