Sarabi Digital


Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

At Sarabi Digital, being data-driven is in our culture. It is deeply embedded in our philosophy and we cannot fully operate without a robust analytics measurement plan. Our favorite web analytics tool is Google Analytics. It works best with our favorite tag management tool, Google Tag Manager. To cap it off, we love to use Google Data Studio to visualize and customize dashboards.


Our Google Analytics IQ certification is always updated and we make sure that we are abreast with the most recent developments.

Our Analytics and Data First Approach

Stakeholder Sessions

There’s no better way to learn about the business than to have a conversation with the stakeholders. We believe in the human touch of every client interaction. In order to help you, we need to understand your pain points, challenges, and business questions that “keep you up at night”. The key output of this phase is a stakeholder intelligence document that can be used as a reference.

Audit and Recommendations

For the team to be familiar with your existing implementation, we will be conducting an extensive audit to uncover gaps and take you to the next level. In this phase, we will deliver a full audit document that will gauge the stability, scalability, and accuracy of your analytics setup.

Solutions Design

After the extensive audit and recommendation, we will come up with a solution design aimed to improve your analytics setup. The general output in this phase of the analytics approach is a data dictionary that you can confidently call your “bible“.

Implementation & QA

During this phase, your consultant will make sure that best practice is followed when implementing Google Analytics. We’ll make sure that it is efficient and scalable enough to support your growth. Our team will work with you side-by-side to conduct several rounds of QA before we take everything into the production environment.


Our team will work with you to build custom dashboards that will help answer your business questions. These dashboards can be shared across the organization to help democratize access to data.

Digital and Social Media

While we are technology agnostic, our expertise lies in media execution within the Google and Facebook Ad platforms. Our knowledge encompasses geographies and industries. Through this experience, we came up with a detailed process in handling digital media executions.


We believe in the power of detailed planning. An engagement with us begins with a workshop where we uncover all the necessary details surrounding your campaigns. Your 2-3 hours with us will be a fun, learning environment where being child-like, not childish, is highly encouraged.

Creative and Channel Planning

Creative planning enables us to secure all the types of assets that will resonate with your target customers. Channel planning will help us identify the digital journey that you want your customers to go through. These 2 methodologies work hand-in-hand to produce the most ideal experiences for your target audience.

Campaign Testing

While it is not mandatory, it is encouraged to do a stress test before we run our campaigns. Given the luxury of budget and time, we can co-lead a research team to study the potential response of your target audience.

Campaign Implementation

Flawless campaign execution will bring all our hard work to life. At Sarabi Digital, we believe in working smart. After many years of running multiple campaigns for hundreds of companies, our operations team has become highly efficient in scaling campaigns. Our campaign execution includes paid, owned, and earned media frameworks.


Data is in our DNA. Our data-driven approach to campaign optimization gives us confidence that your media dollars are working harder to generate higher returns.

Case Study

Every campaign is a case study, irrespective of the results. In our post-mortem reports, we will not just give you tables and charts. We will design this in a case study format that you will be proud to share. You will always be front and center as we plan and execute media plans.

Video and Display

Digital assets allow you to flaunt your brand, your belief, and what your company is all about. It is only fitting that we help you make it work harder to generate returns. We can make your videos and images become more engaging with simple, immersive interactions.