S. Consunji Enterprise
S. Consunji Enterprise

S. Consunji Enterprise

The team conducted an in-depth digital marketing overview for the executive team of S. Consunji Enterprise. The company offers business process outsourcing services such as virtual assistance, marketing, data encoding, and more.

Digital Marketing Training for Executives

The training covered the basics of digital marketing strategies, digital marketing platforms, and widely used digital processes. The training widened the executive team’s knowledge giving them the confidence to pitch digital media and analytics services to their client base in the Philippines that includes a myriad of industries from fast-moving consumer goods, e-commerce, politicians, and more!

The digital marketing training conducted by Sarabi Digital was detailed yet informative, given the short timeframe for the presentation. In this training, we managed to level up our knowledge in digital marketing, most particularly the buying & selling processes, particularly on programmatic buying. Thank you so much for the accommodation, Sarabi Digital Media and Analytics Corp.

Joepet Cuento, Director

Moving forward, the team is now looking to partner with Sarabi Digital Media and Analytics Corp., to deliver digital services to their clients.

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