1Export is a tech-enabled exporting company that provides a one-stop end-to-end exporting platform that provides services to any and all trading businesses around the world.

The Challenge

A key challenge for this young and dynamic company is how to leverage their website data in making data-driven marketing decisions.

The Approach

Sarabi Digital conducted a thorough stakeholder interview to better understand the business and their challenges. This paved the way to a more relevant data and digital marketing audit.

The Outcome

Sarabi Digital provided a full, 34-point analytics audit for their existing Google Analytics and their new GA4 implementation. The team also provided a detailed project plan and documentation on how to fix existing issues. This paved the way to an improved tracking strategy that will eventually lead to better marketing decisions.
1Export Google Analytics Audit

Sarabi has been really great in helping us identify and understand the points for improvement in utilizing data analytics through GA. I really appreciate how everything was handled, from the initial conversation to the detailed technical explanation of the report, and of course the list of action items which we simply needed to follow through (including the technical ‘How to’ documentation in addressing certain issues!).

Dei, Technical Product Manager