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28-day enablement program designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses

Full Digital Immersion

Our signature 28-day digital consulting covers digital media strategies, execution, processes, and measurement plans. This highly customized program is designed specifically for small and medium businesses with very limited knowledge in digital media and analytics....
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Web Analytics

We provide robust measurement strategies and scalable technical implementation of Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. An analytics and web measurement engagement with us begins with a stakeholder interview where we will understand all your...
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Technology Platforms

Efficient use of cutting-edge media, measurement and monitoring tools designed for businesses on a tight budget. We love working with Google’s technology stack but are also partnering with various platform providers for your digital marketing...
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Extensive training programs designed to fully equip business owners with important digital media and analytics skills. Our main goal is to give you a thorough understanding of the digital landscape and tools to ensure that...
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Sarabi Digital focuses on empowering the most valuable asset of a small business, the people. Our purpose is to educate, inspire, and enable businesses to overcome digital challenges internally. We want clients to become self-sufficient in digital marketing and measurement strategies within 28 days. An engagement with us means that we are 100% devoted to your success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip small business owners with capabilities that will help unlock growth opportunities. Now more than ever, consumers continue to thrive in the digital space. We envision our clients to be part of an elite group of small business owners. They are savvy and able to compete in an environment dominated by large enterprises.

Working With Us

We are invested in you. Fancy tools, digital strategies, and optimization techniques are only secondary when you work with us.

Our philosophy differs from traditional digital marketing agencies. Our goal is for you to be comfortable in taking the lead. When you’re ready, we’ll be in the backseat watching you rule your [digital] pride land.

An engagement with us begins with understanding not only your core business operations but also, the people who will run your initiatives. Your digital journey with us takes you through 3 key phases. It is impeccably similar to the motherly love and care of a lioness towards her cub.

Our 28-day Digital Enablement Program

It takes a village to raise a child, an African proverb says. Here at Sarabi Digital, our collective digital knowledge and years of experience will be passed on to you within the first 28 days of our engagement. Our vision is to transform you from being a digital marketing cub to one of the roaring rulers of the [digital] pride lands.”

1. Curious Cub: We will introduce you to key digital media and measurement strategies that will unlock opportunities for you. At this stage, we will handle strategy and execution with your heavy involvement for educational purposes. You will have full ownership of your data, measurement, and technology stack.

2. Feisty Weaned: We will still take the lead but this time, at a much lower capacity. Constant communication at this stage is important as you start gaining technical, operational, and strategic skills. At this point, you should be able to contribute more in the planning, execution, and optimization stages.

3. Leader of the Pride: Rule digital media and measurement on your own and we will continue to provide necessary support only if you still need us.

Case Studies

A showcase of our work that has been executed all over the world.


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